Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey, I Found My Post!

I am a reasonable knitter. I really am. I understand that things get finished faster when you work on them. I understand that dropped stitches aren't the end of the world. I understand that the Christmas knitting needs to be started at least as early as September. What I don't understand is this.

And, er, this. Which explains why half the pictures in this post will be great, and half will be crappy. Really crappy. Sorry.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. yes, ladies and gentlemen, that would be my knitting bag, pathetically trying to contain all of my current projects. Actually, that's only most of them.

In case you hadn't guessed, I have a whopping case of startitis (that would be when a fiber artist has a huge compulsion to start a million new projects, only to discard them and start more). The worst part is that these are all fantastic projects, and they are not being enjoyed the way they should. Let's introduce them.

This is the Kauni Cardigan. It is very popular, and not too difficult. I mean, yes it uses tiny gauge, and it is steeked (that's when you knit a tube, take some scissors, and cut it into a cardigan with armholes. It's a Norwegian tecnique, those Norwegians are always trying to make our lives harder), but the fair isle is only the little squares. the rest the yarn does for you.

This is what I mean by charming projects that should be enjoyed. (and, yes, there is no yarn attatched. The cats find yarn tasty.)

Next, the Kiogu dilemma. After successfully concluding that these two colors

(you see? crappy pictures.) do not go together well enough for my purposes (though I know some of you will disagree) I have decided to make this

Out of this

And this

(which is what I was going to make in the first place) Out of this

plus two other colors. The only problem is that I don't have the needles for the vest, so I am, of course, going crazy with wanting to start it, when as soon as I do, I'll probably loose interest.

Both of those last projects are from this book

Wow, that was tiring. I found the post in this secret sort of draft area I didn't know was there. It took a lot of energy, because I already had a new post half-written when I found it, so it was all just wasted effort. I will introduce more projects later.

Many thanks to Emma, the leader of the local teen knitting group, who mentioned my blog on hers today. Go read her blog. It's good.

And while you're doing that, I'm going to go horseback riding. See ya.


barkertj said...

Good humor, I was LOL'ing! Actually, the photos turned out good -- colorful and not too much out of focus! Blog on!

Emma said...

I like your choice to make the vest with the 2 purple yarns and the pillow with the pink yarn.

JimT said...

Nice yarn stash!