Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My First Entry (scary!)

Hi, it's me, the newest addition to the blogosphere! Actually, by the time I've typed this there have probably been several hundred others.

Okay, who am I, and why are you stuck reading my blog?

My name is Erica, and I am an avid knitter. Really avid. Pretty obsessed, actually. I just learned in September 2007, but, well, you'll see.

I also learned to spin about a week ago, and my knitting is jealous! I have done nothing but that the past week, but now I'm settling into a balanced craft life.

Actually, my craft life is almost my whole life right now! I go to a private alternative school (oh, I'm in my early teens, by the way) that is a lot like home school, so I have lots of free time, and I am already out of school for the summer! The only other things in my life are a bit of horseback riding, acting, and boys (though they won't be mentioned much here).

You are probably reading this by chance or because you got lost. But, if you are a knitter or spinner, maybe you could drop by and leave a comment every once in a while. There's no point publishing a blog if you're only blogging to yourself.


Emma said...

Hi Erica!
Nice job!

Theresa said...

Hi Erica!

Can you give any tips for a knitter who can't stop knitting? Also, what is your favorite yarn type or brand?

LesFreeman said...

Hey Erica,
Stoked to see that you have a blog! I'd be really psyched to have you make me another hat, by the way. I was thinking Neapolitan... brown on the bottom, then white, then pink.

Keep posting (and don't forget photos)!


Erica said...

Tips for constant knitters? Are you kidding?! What do you think I am??!! I'll put my favorite yarns in a sidebar.

Leslie, Thanks for looking at my blog. I hope It doesn't get too boring for you. Now I know what to make you for Christmas. Or your birthday. We'll see. What does Kali want?

Emily said...

Hi Erica! I'm so glad I found your blog! NIls and I will be reading it often! It looks really great - good job!
See you next week -- keep on knittin' and spinnin'!